Forest services

We carry out forestry services à la carte, in forest exploitation throughout Spain.

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Maintenance, recovery and use of forests

Ideas at the service of nature

Naturgeis is a social enterprise that focuses its activity on the forestry sector and mainly on sustainable action in rural areas. For this, we integrate actions of all kinds aimed at the maintenance, valorization and sustainable use of our mountains.

We carry out services aimed at caring for the forest, from planning and planting, followed by subsequent management and maintenance, as well as its final recovery and placing the uses on the market to generate value that allows the creation of sustainable and profitable cycles. This is what we call comprehensive environmental management.

We have experience in the management of energy crops, we are committed to the development of the renewable energy sector, for which we work for the establishment and management of wood removal cycles for pellets and biomass that allow the creation of clean and renewable energy, generated entirely in our towns and municipalities, thereby achieving the settlement of the population in rural areas and the progressive elimination of dependence on polluting energies.

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We are specialized in the following forest services

Forest consultancy

Reforestation projects and environmental studies
Forest appraisals and inventories
Proyect management

Maintenance of green areas

Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.
Gardening, pruning and felling work at height
Properties maintenance and clearance

Crop protection

Application of phytosanitary products
Studies of diseases and pest control
Placement of pheromone traps

Forest services

Felling, pruning, cutting and clearing
Clearing and maintenance work on industrial estates

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Latest works

Proyecto 2ª Fase Revegetación de los cuestos de la Mota
Proyecto 1ª Fase Revegetación de los cuestos de la Mota
Inventario forestal

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